Thursday, 9 August 2012

Doesn't time fly...

Where have the last couple of months gone?
Setting up Pretty Fabrics and Trims has certainly kept us busy (thank you!) and to be honest has been a steep (but enjoyable) learning curve.   We are thrilled by the support that we have received and thank each and everyone of you who have made a purchase from us.
When we opened our shop back in April, we really hoped that Our Ethos, would be embraced and we can not believe the feedback we've received and the lovely customers we have met, thank you!
We have just come back from our annual trip to the North Norfolk coast.  It's the perfect destination, only two and half hours in the car, so not too many"are we there yet!" and yet when you are there it feels like a million miles away..Perfect!
We had packed good weather clothes and in view of the dreadful weather we had before we left, wellies and waterproofs, however the sun did shine..yay!!!!
Most days were spent on the beach

or throwing cobbles into the sea
watching the boats go out

and doing a little sewing, (using our felt of course!)
We're now back and ready to go!
I'm sure however, you must have been wondering what we had been up to?
Before we left, we took delivery of some super new products.....
First up some brand new colours of Divine Twine™

You can see our full range HERE
Having received lots of requests, we also now stock 22 of our favourite Tilda fabrics on the roll (Penny and I are in fabric heaven!)

 In addition to our 'Small' and 'Mini' size pieces you can now purchase these

fabrics by the
We also added some very pretty Crochet Lace

and some bright and colourful American Crafts Ribbons

You can also now
and are now shipping our parcels full of loveliness worldwide

What makes us very happy is to receive feedback our our products and services and to see what you've been making.  It truly makes our day when you send us some pictures.....
These fabulous Bitty Blooms were made by Jane using one of our Bitty Blooms 'Make it' packs how lovely are they??!!

This gorgeous doll was made by the extremely talented Katie from Birdy's Dolls using a selection of our super soft Felt.  You must take a peek at her dolls, they are so pretty!!

and finally, this fabulous brooch was made by Andrea over at Polka using our vintage Jubilee ribbon ( sadly now sold out....sorry!!)  Andrea brooches and charms are to die for...( I have my very own flower one!)

Thank you so much Jane, Katie and Andrea for sharing these with us!

Finally (Phew now that was a long post!), we will be back very soon, with a simple yet lovely brand new  'Make it' project, but in the meanwhile

Happy Sewing!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Pretty Bitty Blooms Tutorial

We have so enjoyed making our latest 'Make it' project, these pretty Bitty Blooms. It's an excellent project for using up scraps of both your favourite fabrics and felt!

There are loads of things that you can use them for...... scrap booking, hairbands, slides, brooches

bag charms, adding to cushions, key rings......

..... so if you needed convincing, not only are they useful, they are incredibly easy to make!
As always, the first thing you will need to do is print this pattern. To do so, highlight the picture above, then 'Right' click on your mouse, then select 'open in a new window' and then print using the keys 'CTRL' and 'P'

The pattern is entirely flexible and it is up to you as to how many layers you add to your brooch.  The only think that we would recommend is that the outer largest flower is in felt and the second flower is in fabric, then for the circles you can make up your own mind

For this brooch, we used inner circles 1,3 & 4

Now all you need do is sew the layers together and personally, which we think you can see from the photo,  we do not think now is the time for neat and tidy sewing.  We did a couple of circuits, but again, it's entirely up to you how many times you go around

You then continue with each layer, we find it easier to pull through the ends as you go

Keep going until you've finished sewing all the layers together, and Ta Da.... that's it a finished flower ready for embellishing. You can at this stage add buttons, maybe one at it's centre, some layered up or a few scattered randomly, or if you prefer leave them as they are!

 Now if you fancy turning this into a bag charm, you'll need to cut a second large felt flower and you'll need a swivel key fob with a split ring and some pretty ribbon

and all you need to do is sandwich the layers together, making sure that you tuck the ribbon in between the layers and then sew around the outer edge, ensuring that you catch the ribbon as you go

For brooches, again you'll need another piece of felt for the back, if you prefer a neater finish, cut a circle larger than your flower, sew your brooch pin to the centre.  For a professional finish, sew a small oblong of felt across the pin

 Then sew around the outer edge joining all the layers and neatly trim

For key rings, you'll need to sew your key ring to the back flower and then hand sew your layers together.
Here's some more ideas for you......

On these I added some simple hand stitching.....

 What ever you decide, have fun!

To accompany this project, we have put together 7 different  'Make it' Bitty Blooms project packs:

Caths Flowers -  candy coloured florals by the iconic Cath Kidston

Tilda - pretty pink, aqua and red fabrics by the Scandinavian designer Tone Finnanger 

Sugar Flowers - gorgeous bright florals by Japanese designer Lecien

4 Seasons -  stunning fabrics by modern designers including Michael Miller, Riley Blake, Tanya Whelan etc sorted into four different colour collections

  Each pack contains 15 little bits of fabric scraps, cut neatly by us into squares in 3 different sizes, ready for you to cut out your outer flower and inner circles.   5 pieces of felt in co-ordinating colours, 7 buttons and a selection of findings.

Enough in all to make at least 4 flowers and with careful cutting 5! 

You can find these
These would be prefect for making as thank you presents for Teachers at the end of term, Party Bags , presents for friends.....
Finally, we hope that you enjoyed our project. We would love to see what you sew and create, so please do send us your pictures and we'll add them to our equally new and glossy customer gallery on our Facebook page.
Happy sewing!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hang out the flags - Bunting Tutorial

With a summer of celebrations ahead, we though it would be a nice time to do a Bunting 'Make it' project.
This project is for a 7 flag bunting with machine appliqued stars

So here we go, this project will take aprox a couple of hours to make. Hopefully the instructions are nice and clear, but please do get in touch if you would like any clarification.

For this project you will need:
3 x 'small' size pieces of fabric
1.5 metres of bias binding
7 buttons
3 x 5 1/2" squares of felt

Firstly, you will need to print this pattern. To do so, highlight the picture above, then 'Right' click on your mouse, then select 'open in a new window' and then print using the keys 'CTRL' and 'P' 

Fold each of your fabrics in half, right sides facing inwards and using the bunting pattern piece (We made our pattern out of card and then drew around it it pencil), cut as follows:

 Fabric 1 (red polka dot) cut out 3 flags (effectively 6 triangles)
Fabric 2 (navy polka dot) cut out 2 flags (4 triangles)
 Fabric 3 (blue and white stripe) cut out 2 flags (4 triangles)

And using the star pattern piece cut:

Felt 1 (navy) cut out 3 stars
 Felt 2 (red) cut out 2 stars
Felt 3 (pale blue) cut out 2 stars

Pin the stars to a triangle (you can see from the pictures the combinations that we went for)

 Using you sewing machine or if you prefer by hand, applique the star to the flag

 Repeat for all 7 flags

Sew buttons to the centres

Match up your fronts to back and place together, right sides facing.  Pin and sew with 1/4" seam allowances

Trim the point as shown

Turn through, press and trim across the top raw edge of the flag, so that you have a nice and neat straight edge

Measure and mark 20cm from the end of your bias binding, this is the start position of your first flag.  Sew the flags in place as shown in the picture above.  The bunting is made with No Gaps in between the flags.

 Finally, trim the end of your bias binding so that each tie, is the same measurement and your flags are nicely centred.  Fold over your ends and hand sew in place to create a loop for hanging

Ta Da.....
That's it you're done, so stand back, admire and enjoy!

To accompany this project, we have put together a 'Make it' Appliqued Bunting project pack

which is available 

Alternatively you can pick your own selection of pretty fabrics and trims from those available in the

Remember to hang on to all your left over fabrics to use in future makes.

Finally, we hope that you enjoyed our project. We would love to see what you sew and create, so please do send us your pictures and we'll add them to our equally new and glossy customer gallery on our Facebook page.
Happy sewing